Winter Pond Prep Checklist

Clean Out Debris
Get that pond as clean as you possibly can, rotting detritus can cause fatal issues to fish, frogs and other aquatics life through the winter especially if there is a winter ice.

Trim Pond Plants
Take it right back, don't be scared to cut the foliage right back to about an inch above the soil line. This will reduce the chance of it falling into the water and rotting, it will grow back when the sun comes back out. 

Check Your Hardware
Give your pond pump, filter, uv etc a good once over. Check they are all working to the correct standard and get them cleaned up so they are at their most efficient.

Replace Any Hardware That Might Not Make It Through
It could be as small as changing the impeller or it could be a case of changing the filter. You don't want your life support systems failing through the winter, Even with the best will in the world its going to be 12-48 hours before you can get it replaced.

Disassemble Summer Equipment
Any products that are not designed for use over the winter. Take them out and store them where it's a bit warmer and drier. Bring them back out in the spring.

Change Fish Diet
Most people stop feeding completely over the winter months or when it drops below 10 degrees. If its still warm enough to feed then ensure that you are only feeding little and often to reduce any waste food decaying in the water.

Set Up Pond Heater
If needed, set up a pond heater. Make sure you test the heater before the winter hits to ensure you have set the correct min/max thresholds on the system to prevent over and under heating.

Cover The Pond
A fine net or screening should help prevent a build up of foliage and debris falling into the water. Ensure the cover is secure so it doesn't get blown away should there be high winds.


These simple steps should help your pond through the winter months and make resuscitating your pond in the spring a lot easier.