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Active Mix Bio is a combination of substances including photosynthetic and lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and trace elements. This combination has a positive impact on the natural balance and biological life resulting in a perfect equilibrium. It also strongly promotes the biological conversion of ammonia and nitrites into nitrates. The fact that this mix is already in an activated state means it has a direct and rapid effect on your pond.

Photosynthetic bacteria:
Produce substances that promote the growth of micro-organisms, especially heterotrophic bacteria. During conversion they produce valuable substances from organic waste and harmful matter in the water. Photosynthetic bacteria also compete with algae for nutrients and sunlight. In the case of algae, light is absorbed by chlorophyll, just like with regular plants. However, with photosynthetic bacteria, photosynthesis takes place directly in the cell. Consequently, this provides the additional benefit of reducing algae growth.

Lactic acid bacteria:
Suppress pathogenic germs and other harmful micro-organisms and promote a rapid degradation of organic material (waste substances).
Other additives in the Active Mix Bio (e.g. yeasts and trace elements) suppress harmful fungi and produce bioactive compounds. Effect of Active Mix Bio Biological processes occur everywhere, breaking down waste products and turning them into useful substances. The degradation and composition can take place in different ways depending on circumstances.

The most important thing is to prevent degradation processes such as rotting. In the world of micro-organisms, various groups exist and these can either be useful or harmful. It is important that the useful ones maintain the upper hand if we are to prevent the rotting processes occurring.
By adding Active Mix Bio, the useful bacteria receive a powerful boost at the expense of harmful micro-organisms. Active Bio Mix supports the nitrifying effects of the biological filter as well as the degradation of organic materials.
Active Mix Bio is manufactured under GMP regulations and is free from harmful micro-organisms. Active Mix Bio is sold in a handy 2 litre bag-in-a-box with tap. This allows the right amount to be measured out without waste. Oxygen is also prevented from coming into contact with the remaining activated bacteria, maximising its shelf life, even after opening. Dosage: 100 ml/m3 per month during the season (minimum water temperature 10°C).