Bullseye Snapping Shrimp (Alpheus Soror) - Marine Invert - Blue Touch Aquatics
Bullseye Snapping Shrimp (Alpheus Soror) - Marine Invert - Blue Touch Aquatics
Bullseye Snapping Shrimp (Alpheus Soror) - Marine Invert

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Alpheus soror is a beautiful golden color with vibrant purple/blue legs and claws. For anyone who has owned an azule damsel, you know the exact color combination.

He is a pistol shrimp, and has a lot of the same characteristics and behaviors as other pistols, with a few major differences. They are burrowers and tunnel-builders, but unlike most of the pistol shrimp we see in this hobby, they don't seem to bond with gobies.

For whatever reason, the Bullseye is a solitary figure. Whether it's causation or correlation, it seems to be much more active and bold than other pistol shrimp. He is constantly on the move, has an extensive network of tunnels spanning the entire length of my tank (3' across).

He has become bolder the longer he's been in my tank, and I see him often now, and not just poking out of tunnels, but creeping around on the base of my rockwork as well. He doesn't have a goby to keep him safe, or to help feed him, so he's out and about all the time. 

He's an avid scavenger, and does an amazing job cleaning up uneaten food. His burrows have allowed improved water movement underneath my rocks and he stirs up a lot of detritus while he goes about his business.

Another interesting trait is the "snapping" part, which is shockingly loud (I hear him snapping from across the room with the TV on). As Live Aquaria puts it, "The sound it makes comes from an appendage on the pincher which moves when the pincher is opened or closed and water is ejected." Check out the little video below, if you turn your sound up, you can hear him snapping at my forceps.