Aqua Forte Pond Auto Feeder 8Ltr

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Totally new concept in design and reliability. Suited for moist weather conditions.

Easy to install, the lid has a special compartment for silica gel/desiccants to keep the food extra dry.

  • Can hold up to 8ltr of food, easy to expand to 15 ltr by adding an extra container on top.
  • Can feed pellets from 3 to 10 mm.
  • 1 - 6 feeding times per day.
  • Adjustable food amount from 5 g to 3 kg per day.
  • 0 - 9 days interval options.
  • No memory loss after power off.
  • Standard power source 4 x penlight battery (not included)

Aquaforte Automatic Fish Feeder on Battery Power & 12v Transformer

Can feed up to 6 times per day
Food quantity per feeding can be set freely
Each feeding time can be set
Manual feeding button
LED display panel, can display clock and feeding parameters.
Low battery indicator. Works on 4 ""C/LR14"" 1,5 V batteries
(not included) or on 12V transformer (included!)
5L food capacity
Removable locking lid and food tank for easy cleaning
Clip angles included