Aquaforte Drum Filter With Control Box & Lid For Koi Ponds

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Extra low installing height of only 10cm above the water level! 
Individual, exchangeable screen elements of 60 micron 
Controller with custom software operations including many safety options like motor slow start, motor amp protection, manual cleaning button, standard hourly cleaning, ect. 
Injection molded housing made of HDPE, white parts are made of POM (polyoxymethylene, a hard and strong polymer)
48VDC Motor
Suited for pump fed and gravity fed operation (inlet chamber and drum chamber are both fitted with a mounting bracket for the float switch). Float switch can easily be adjusted heightwise
Centered position for a 40watt submersible amalgam lamp (just drill a hole for the tank connector at the centered spot)
Only 1 cable from controller from controller to drum filter (this will divide into 3 cables:Motor, float switch and cover switch).
Fitted with cover switch which cuts the power off to the motor, cleaning pump and UVC for safety.

Affordable drumfilter including a professional, software based controller
Injection moulded housing made of HDPE
The controller features various security options, like a slow start for the motor and a motor security
The controller offers more functions like a manual cleaning button and an automatic periodical cleaning process every hour
Only 1 cable from controller to the drumfilter. This will divide into 3 cables to the motor, float switch and cover switch.
Fitted with cover switch for extra safety
Extra low installing height of only 10 cm above the water level
Suited for pump fed and gravity fed applications
Maximum flow of 25 m³/h
3 Inlets of Ø110mm and 2 outlets of Ø110mm and 50 Ømm connections in the top and the bottom of the inlet chamber and drum chamber
Compact size housing (l x w x h): 47 x 57 x 43 cm.
Size incl. connections and motor (l x w x h): 50 x 70 x 43 cm
48 VDC motor
Comes with a white cover
Individual, exchangeable, screen elements of 60 micron