Bali Water Curtain - Bright Polished

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The Polished Bali Water Curtain from Flexinox creates a gentle curtain of water from a sleek and stylish stainless steel water feature.

The Bali is available in two great finishes. Bright polished - which is so well polished it has a mirror type finish. Also available is a matt brushed finish. This is has a matt appearance and like a very fine brush finish.

Please Note: For illustration purposes the image shown is the Bali Bright Polished.

In order to mount the Bali water curtain you will need to purchase the Anchor. The Anchor needs to be cast into the pool surround at your desired location. Your water pipe will connect to the bottom of the anchor. Then when the curtain is bolted down the 'O'ring on the anchor will create a seal. To achieve a really seamless finish and cover the holding bolts it is also recommended that an escutcheon plate is used. This is basically a split plate. This is available in Bright Polished finish or Matt Brushed finish.

To see the size of each fitting either download the full brochure from the Resources Tab above or simple change the images.

Please call us if you have any questions when planning your water feature installation. It is worth remembering that all our water features have different flow rates, therefore will require some prior thought and planning. For example the Bali water curtain has a maximum flow of 30m3/hr. This flow rate is double the flow rate of most domestic swimming pools! Which means the Bali will need its own 3 HP pump system and more importantly 2 designated drains within the swimming pool that are the correct size and distance apart. You can see a typical close coupled installation in the images above.

The next thing to consider is how you would like to turn the water feature on? Various water side switching options are available. Some with auto cut off timers.

The final and most important point to consider is how will you keep the water safe in the water features 'Dead leg'? We would always recommend that you install a purge timer that switches on the water feature for a couple of times each week for at least 3-5 minutes. That way chlorinated water will pass through the feature on a regular basis. There are some cheap and simple methods that can be used.