Barrier Reef Labs Micropearl LPS Food 90g (Past best before date - Reduced to clear)

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Barrier Reef Labs is a collective group of reefers and divers whose passion lead to the development of advanced reef foods.

Polyp GroFormula is designed to mimic the natural micro pearl state of foods that corals and fish alike feed on in reefs.

Direct feeding and water column feeding were both tested by our Marine Biologists and showed equally great results.

Water chemistry is one of the most important aspects to reef keeping and at Barrier Reef Labs is our main priority.

We designed the micro pearl so excess food do not dilute into the water-body, instead travel into the filter and are safely removed before they can breakdown causing chemistry spikes.

This allows our reefers to remove excess foods prior to decline of water quality. This formula can be used for all SPS, LPS and soft corals.