Blagdon Affinity Mocha Corner Pool

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The Blagdon Affinity mocha corner pool offers an easy way to enjoy a pond at home without any digging!

New Product For 2020

Provided as an all in one package, it includes everything you'll need to get started with your own pond at home except for the fish and water, of course. A magnificent grand pond, internal liner, three windows to get a glimpse of the underwater world, a pump with filter and ultraviolet clarifier and automatic nighttime lighting.

Being the mid-sized model within the corner range, the Affinity mocha corner pool is made from a sturdy black aluminium frame and mocha weave-effect panels. The panels are crafted from thermoplastic so are highly resistant to weathering, changes in temperature or fading, so makes for a great material for long term use outdoors.

All in all, this is a great pool for anyone looking for an above-ground pond within their garden without all the hassle of digging a hole in the ground. Supplied with everything you'll need to create a living feature point.

Mocha Corner Pool Features:
All In One Package: Pool, Liner, Pump with Filter & Lighting
Easy Way to Enjoy a Pond at Home without the Digging
Mocha Weave Panel Design
Durable Black Aluminium Frame
Made from High-Density Polyethylene Thermoplastic
Includes Fibre Reinforced Liner
Includes Three Shatter Proof Windows
Includes Fountain Pump, Water Filter and UVC
- with Automatic Night Time LED Spotlight
Includes Waterfall Attachment & Plant Basket
Low Voltage Design with Hose and Fittings
3 Year Manufacturers Guarantee
Pool Dimensions:
Length: 90cm
Width: 90cm
Height: 60cm
Capacity: 330 Litres