New Evolution Aqua UV Clarifier EVO25

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Evolution Aqua’s pond UV clarifiers have been completely re-designed for 2021, to deliver even greater performance and improved serviceability. Our range of six evoUV pond clarifiers are made using the very latest technology and design techniques, ensuring there is even water flow through the unit, and optimum ultraviolet light penetration.

One new feature is the ease of the serviceability of the evoUV. Changing bulbs, quartz sleeves or replacing a failed ballast are quick and simple to do.

The evoUV is simple to install, with universal mounting plates allowing you to fix the unit
horizontally or vertically, or at any angle you choose.

The evoUV range of clarifiers have been designed to clear green water which is caused by single celled green algae and prevent it from returning. They will work alongside many different filtration systems but when used alongside Evolution Aqua’s pond filtration systems, the evoUV will help to deliver crystal clear and healthy pond water. 

Your evoUV professional quality UV can be connected to your pond pump and filter with flexible hose using the stepped hosetails provided, or you can install the unit using hard pipe.


Improves water clarity by eradicating green water
High output, energy efficient ballast
Fully serviceable for easy maintenance 
Easy to install
Available in six models
2 year guarantee



Max. pond size

Max. flow rate

Bulb power

Inlet / Outlet

Fittings Supplied


15,000 Litres

7,500 Litres/hr       

15W (1 x 15W T8)


2 x 1½" Threaded Hosetails

3,300 UK Gallons

1,650 UK Gallons/hr    

3,963 US Gallons

1,982 US Gallons/hr


20,000 Litres

10,000 Litres/hr

25W (1 x 25W T8)


2 x 1½" Threaded Hosetails

4,400 UK Gallons

2,200 UK Gallons/hr  

5,284 US Gallons

2,642 US Gallons/hr


30,000 Litres

15,000 Litres/hr

30W (1 x 30W T8)


2 x 1½" Threaded Hosetails

6,600 UK Gallons

3,300 UK Gallons/hr

7,925 US Gallons

3,962 US Gallons/hr


55,000 Litres

20,000 Litres/hr

55W (1 X 55W T8)


2 x 1½" Threaded Hosetails

12,100 UK Gallons

4,400 UK Gallons/hr

14,530 US Gallons

5,284 US Gallons/hr


75,000 Litres

25,000 Litres/hr

75W (1 X 75W T8)


2 x 1½" Threaded Hosetails

16,500 UK Gallons

5,500 UK Gallons/hr

19,815 US Gallons

6,605 US Gallons/hr


75,000 Litres

25,000 Litres/hr

110W (2 X 55W T8)


No fittings supplied

16,500 UK Gallons

5,500 UK Gallons/hr

19,815 US Gallons

6,605 US Gallons/hr