Takazumi Vital Koi Food

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Takazumi Vital is a complete, well-balanced, professional Koi feed with all the nutrition for a healthy Koi life and a special premix. This premix is a cocktail of various ingredients to stimulate your Koi’s immune system and thus builds up an excellent defence to infections and parasites.
Takazumi Vital is outstanding for use when your Koi’s condition declines, for instance after treatment with medicine or after transport.

Feeding Takazumi Vital for 2 to 3 weeks will suffice in these cases – and is also very adequate for use as a Winter feed. By feeding this food from late Autumn to early Spring, you protect your Koi’s health.

The quality of the crude materials and the high digestibility add to a considerable decrease in the load on the filter and helps to achieve better water quality.
Feed only at water temperatures of 4°C and above.