Evolution Aqua Airtech 70 Litre Complete Air Pump Kit

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The Airtech 70 litre Air pump from Evolution Aqua which has a maximum output of 70 litres per minute, is fitted with integrated thermal protection and has been developed for fishkeepers to be able to deliver oxygen - a vital element for all pond and aquarium success, to their set-up effortlessly and efficiently.

The Evolution Aqua Airtech 70 Litre Air Pump uses high grade qualities selected by the masters of design themselves, providing ultimate reliability to hobbyists, allowing them to enjoy a long lasting product whilst safe in the knowledge that the equipment is safe and durable. 

The Evolution Aqua Airtech 70 Litre Air Pump has been tested and proven to provide the highest output at any given depth, to be economical to run and totally reliable - features which position the pioneers of Evolution Aqua at the forefront of innovation and cutting edge technology within the fishkeeping and aquatic industry!

At a Glance:

Max output - 70 litres per minute
Neat and compact design
Fitted with integrated thermal protection
High grade qualities
Reliable and highly functional
Long lasting materials
Economical to run and totally reliable
Tested and proven to provide the highest output at any given depth

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