Evolution Aqua Blanketweed Treatment

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An all natural product from Evolution Aqua, for the elimination of blanketweed. EA Blanketweed is 100% fish, plant and wildlife safe, and will not affect the efficiency of your pond’s beneficial bacteria or biological filters. You’ll see the results within days

Eradicate the ever annoying problem of blanketweed from your pond and stop it coming back, with this great 100% natural product.

  • 100% natural solution to the annoying problem of blanketweed
  • 100% safe for fish, plants and other wildlife
  • Visible results within days
  • Won’t affect beneficial bacteria or biological filters
  • Available in 4 sizes to treat ponds up to 25000 litres (5500 gallons)

Note: EA Blanketweed will turn you pond water white and cloudy for up to 5 days. This is absolutely nothing to worry about as it is a part of the process of this all natural solution and your pond water will become clear again within the 5 day period.