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Experience the pinnacle of pre-filtration technology with the Cetus Sieve, a revolutionary bow screen pre-filter crafted using state-of-the-art rotational molding techniques. Setting new standards in quality and performance, this remarkable device stands as the unrivaled leader in its field. Designed to tackle mechanical waste in ponds with unparalleled efficiency, it outshines traditional bow screen technology in every way.

The Cetus Sieve is a versatile powerhouse that can be easily configured for either gravity-fed or pump-fed setups, boasting numerous advantages over its predecessors. Acting as a self-adjusting sieve, it offers you the flexibility to install it according to your specific needs. By effectively removing vast quantities of waste and debris before the water reaches your existing filtration system, it performs a crucial function known as "pre-filtering."

But the Cetus Sieve doesn't stop there, it's capabilities extend even further. Acting as a standalone unit, it excels at clearing leaves and floating debris from your pond through its innovative surface skimmer. Leave no trace of unwanted materials in your pristine water.

Compatible with all filtration systems, the Cetus Sieve truly shines as the perfect pre-filter companion for the Evolution Aqua Nexus filter range. For gravity-fed systems, its built-in weir automatically adapts to the flow rate of your pump, ensuring seamless operation. (Maximum flow rate: 18,000 liters/hr). Furthermore, when integrated before any other biological or mechanical filter, the Cetus Sieve significantly extends the time between cleanings. By eliminating organic matter that consumes oxygen and releases ammonia and other compounds into the water, it enhances the biological processes at work.

The Evolution Aqua Cetus sieve is a bow screen pre-filter, made using the latest rotational molding technology. With all of its benefits and build quality, the EA Cetus Sieve is undoubtedly the best of its kind on the market today, regarding quality and performance. The Cetus Sieve has been designed to efficiently and effectively remove large amounts of mechanical waste from a pond. The Sieve can be set-up gravity or pump fed and has many benefits over the original bow screen technology.

This Cetus Sieve has a variable inlet height using the unique patented Pond flow regulation system – for when gravity fed. This allows water levels within the pond to drop without causing the circulating pump to be starved of water. The EA Cetus Sieve will allow a skimmer or a bottom drain to accept vast amounts of waste without excessive cleaning needed to be carried out. The water must then be pumped to either a normal filter above pond level such as Nexus Eazy or Eazy Pod or alternatively to a pressurised filter such as the EA K1 Micro Bead Filters.

If pump fed, the Cetus Sieve is placed above pond water level and then the exit water is gravity dropped into your main filter.

The Cetus sieve is a bow screen pre-filter, suitable for pre-filtration of any biological filter including all pressured filters. It is advised that all pressurised filters be pre-filtered using a Cetus to reduce excessive back washing and maintenance due to heavy solids.

Patented Pond flow regulation system
Gives constant flow allowing for gravity fed water level fluctuation
300 micron sieve
Perfect fit screen so no waste can bypass.
There is also an option of a 200 micron sieve
Easy maintenance
Reduced back washing of pressurised filters
Large waste collection Which is easy to clean
No leaks - robust one piece mould with no welded joints
Plug and Play - comes with flexible boots to connect to pipe work

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