Evolution Aqua Eazy (Easy) Pod 'Automatic' System Pond and Koi Filter System

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Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod 'Automatic' System 

The Aqua Eazy Pod Air Automatic System from Evolution Aqua is the number one solution for providing and maintaining crystal clear pond water all year through. It comes equipped with an integrated control box which initiates an automatic cleaning cycle all by itself! The automatic pond filter is suitable for koi ponds up to 10,000 litres or garden ponds up to 20,000 litres, and showcases a feature-packed spec for economical, long-term clean pond water.

The Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod Automatic System is different from many other pond filters on the market in that is initiates its own cleaning cycle. Electronic connector blocks inside the connector box control a waste valve which begins cleaning K1 Micro Media, which in turn enhances biological benefits with a protected surface area.

Water enters the inlet and through to an outer chamber where larger pond particles settle here due to a downward and upward flow, which creates gravitational pull, thanks to perforations situated on a stainless steel screen. This first stage of mechanical filtration helps to prepare the water for the smaller chamber, where the larger particles are left behind and the K1 Micro media begins to take effect. 18 litres of static micro media entrap the smaller particles of pond water inside the inner chamber before the water rises and overflows into the inner return pipe. The return outlet then releases the water back into the pond, thoroughly cleaned. The K1 Micro media also enhances the colonizing of beneficial bacteria when static, thanks to a huge surface area. Courtesy of an innovative air line inside the Eazy Pod Automatic, K1 micro media is caused to move about and clean itself thanks to small holes in the line. Waste water is also automatically dumped via a 1½ inch motorised ball valve.

The filter is controlled by a built-in timer, factory set to clean the water once every three days, lasting around 6 minutes. If you need to be away from home or want to alter these settings to better suit the needs and requirements of your pond, it is very easy to do so. The Eazy Pod Automatic is also incredibly easy to install, providing an affordable, efficient and exquisite performing piece of technology from award winning UK aquatics manufacturer, Evolution Aqua. 

At a Glance:
For koi ponds up to 10,000 litres or garden ponds up to 20,000 litres
Cleans pond water and maintains crystal clear results all year round
Built-in automatic cleaning cycle
Perfect if needing to be away from home 
Superb mechanical and biological filtration
Equipped with an integrated control box
Tailor cleaning cycle to suit you and your pond's needs
Inner and outer chamber for staggered filtration processes
Designed from supreme, durable materials for long service
Genuine Evolution Aqua product
Easy to set timings
Effortless to set-up
18 litres of K1 micro media
Ideal as a filter on a quarantine system
Also ideal for use as a pre-filter, polisher or on a skimmer line
Can work on pump fed ponds
Recommended pond turn over rate every 2 hours when used as a complete filter system
Complete mechanical and biological filter system
Dimensions: W585mm x H585mm
Hassle free way to clean Nexus filtration systems
Automates the cleaning process of the Nexus
Electronic control box automatically operates valves and pumps
Adjustable timer controls the frequency of the automatic cleaning cycle to suit the user’s needs.

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