EA Nexus Lid For 300/310/320 Models

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Manufactured from high quality materials the Evolution Aqua Nexus Lid have been designed for a perfect fit to cover the EA Nexus 200, 210 and 220 filter units. Despite being light weight for easy removal the heavy duty Nexus Lids are capable of withstanding the elements and won't damage or warp from sunlight, thanks to the durable UV resistant material.

The Nexus Lids not only provide practical benefits but also finish of the sleek, innovative design of the Evolution Aqua Nexus Filtration Units with style.

Suitable for the EA Nexus 200, 210 & 220 Filters
Designed to cover the top of the filtration system perfectly
Lightweight, durable and UV resistant finish
Prevents leaves and other debris from entering the filter
Provides a stylish finish to the Nexus Filters