Filtreau Drumfilter HF30 (Gravity)

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The Filtreau Drumfilter HF30 is a low maintenance pre-filter system that provides healthy, clear water, without the user having to perform daily maintenance.

The system is fitted as standard with two 110mm inlets and two 110mm outlets; when combined with a high-flow panel, this can provide a water flow of more than 30m3/h!

93 x 48 x 52,5 cm‚ (L x‚ W‚ x H)

Filtreau Drumfilter HF30 (Gravity)
Filtreau Drumfilter HF30 (Pump)

Made in the Netherlands
Energy Efficient and environmentally friendly
Compact design
Easy Installation
2 Year warranty on manufacturing defects
Equipped with high flow panel
Max flow 20m3/hour