HI-Blow Air Pump For Ponds

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Product Features:
Worlds Smallest & Lightest Model
Low Noise
Low Power
Dual Insulation
Dust Trap Filter
The HIBLOW Range was launched in 1967 by a company called Techno Takatsuki. This was the first electromagnetic diaphragm air pumps to be put onto the market.

Since the release of this particular range, over 10 million HIBLOW units have been manufactured and sold and to this day is still the leading manufacture of electromagnetic diaphragm technology.

Supplying to industrial, environmental, medical and consumer related applications in over 40+ countries, the HIBLOW Range is a reliable and well-tested compressor for both indoor and outdoor applications.

HIBLOW’S new XP series offers a range of Linear Pumps XP40, XP60, XP80. These silent running Linear Diaphragm Pumps are designed for many applications:

Koi ponds
Septic Tanks
Air injection
Medical products

Hi Blow XP 40: 40lpm
Hi Blow XP 60: 60lpm
Hi Blow XP 80: 80lpm