Kusuri Powder Gold

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Kusuri Powder Gold, formerly Kusuri Eco Gold is a one off treatment that can be used at all temperatures to eradicate string algae and blanketweed.

Powder gold is safe for use in ponds containing fish and plants. This simple to use treatment is also effective against green water.
Dosage: 50g per 220 gallons of pond water.

Directions:Fill a clean watering can with approximately 5 litres of pond water. Add the correct volume of powder and stir well. Distribute evenly over the surface area of the pond. Avoid dropping the concentrated solution directly onto aquatic plants.
If present switch off UV clarifier for up to 7 days for maximum effect.
For Maximum effect remove as much blanket weed as possible, also remove any decaying blanket weed in subsequent days as Powder Gold takes effect. A second dose maybe required after 7 days.

Formerly Kusri Eco Gold Effectively eradicates String Algae and Blanketweed Suitable for ponds containing fish and plants Simple to use Effective against green water 50g treats 220 gallons