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Reef Octopus Cup Cleaner 200
Compatible with Classic 202-S, Classic 200INT, Classic 200EXT, Regal 200-S, Regal 200-E, Regal 200-I, RO-PS-3000INT, RO-PS-3000EXT

Reef Octopus Classic 200 Automatic Skimmer Neck and Cup Cleaner
Make your Octopus skimmer more efficient with our new Automatic Neck Cleaner.
Octopus motorised (ANC) Automated Neck Cleaner helps keeps your octopus protein skimmer running at peak performance by periodically wiping the inside of the neck where all the bio-organics usually would accumulate.
This great skimmer accessory not only keeps you skimmer running at peak efficiency but save the timely chore of keeping your skimmers neck clean. As you know, build up in the neck causes foam to stick to the sides and restricting the collection of skimmate within the skimmers cup. Octopus Self Cleaning Head