Oase Nozzle 'Schaumsprudler' 22-5 K

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An ever-popular vertical jet fountain, the Oase Schaumsprudler 22-5k can achieve a fountain height of 65cm when matched with the right pump, energizing the dynamics of your garden pond and helping to aerate your water.

The foaming jet creates a vertical jet of water approximately 1/2 inch in diameter. Air is mixed with water to create a foaming sound, adding a new dynamic to your beautiful pond. Ideal for any garden pond, water feature, or water display.

Not only does it look great, but a fountain also encourages movement in the water, which moves oxygen around, avoiding stagnant patches and promoting good fish and plant health. The unit is wind stable and fuss-free, providing constant results. 

Once you know how high you want your fountain jet to be, simply match your Oase Schaumsprudler to a fountain pump that matches the required liters per hour for that height:

  • Jet Height: 30 cm, requires 1500 lph
  • Jet Height: 45 cm, requires 2500 lph
  • Jet Height: 50 cm, requires 3500 lph
  • Jet Height: 65 cm, requires 4500 lph

Key Features:

  • Fountain jet attachment for Oase Fountain Pump
  • Creates attractive spume of water
  • Oase Aerator nozzle independent of water level
  • 1/2 inch male threaded connection
  • Made from durable plastic.