Oase Nozzle 'Vulkan' 43-3 T silver

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The Oase Vulkan 43-3T is the perfect attachment for larger fountain pumps that have a high flow rate. This fountain jet can reach dizzying heights of up to 5 metres when used with a 40,000 mph fountain pump.

43 jets make up a stunning 4 tiered effect that creates a stunning, classical feature in any pond or water body. The height and width of this feature make a real splash, its ideal for events both domestic and commercial. The spray can be adjusted to meet individual requirements, making this one of the most versatile jets available.

To achieve the height of fountain you desire, ensure you match the Vulkan to the pond pump that will give it the necessary litres per hour flow rate. This jet is compatible with the Aquarius Pro Pond Pumps:

  • Jet Height: 3.8 metres, requires 22000 lph
  • Jet Height: 4 metres, requires 27000 lph
  • Jet Height: 5 metres, requires 40000 lph

Key Features:

  • Fountain jet attachment for Oase Fountain Pump
  • 43 jets
  • 4 steps
  • 3-millimetre jet diameter
  • Adjustable spray