Oase Aquamax Eco Classic C

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Sleek and compact Pond Pump
Controllable via Oase app on phones or tablets
Capable of pumping coarse debris particles, up to 8 mm in size
It offers an easy-open case for easier routine maintenance
3 sizes Available, all with 3 year Guarantee
The top entry-level model — now also available in three controllable sizes with integrated controller
Energy-efficient motor to help conserve energy — first-class price-performance ratio
Can cope with coarse debris particles up to 8 mm in size

Smart control system
The new AquaMax Eco Classic C series, with integrated controller, can also be operated via smartphone or tablet using a separate app.

Coarse debris displacement
The large-surface wrap-around strainer allows coarse debris particles such as fish waste or dead plants up to 8 mm in size to pass through.

Energy efficient motor
The efficient OASE motor is particularly economical and effectively reduces running costs.

The Aquamax Eco Classic Controllable Pond Pumps from Oase are the very latest version of Oases' high performance Aquamax Eco range of solid handling filter and waterfall pumps. The Aquamax Eco Classic C range pumps are suitable for submersible and dry mount installation
The introduction of the Oase Aquamax Eco Classic sees a full redesign resulting in an entry level class of filter and watercourse pump from Oase.

The Classic continues to produce high flow rates whilst maintaining economic power efficiency levels.

This is thanks to its energy-efficient EC motor the AquaMax Eco Classic saves power and thus money in operation.
With the new Controllable pumps, the pond keeper is given the option to control the pump via a downloadable app.

The app connects to the control unit of the pump and gives an easy way to control the flow rate and runtime of the pump.

The Aquamax Classic is still the first choice as a filter and watercourse pump with its large-surface wrap-around strainer which allows coarse debris particles up to 8 mm to pass through.

The Aquamax Classic range of pumps are suitable for use with various hose sizes and all pumps includes a stepped hose adapter complete with connections for 1" 1¼" and 1½" and the suitable stainless steel hose clamps.
Environmental Function Control (EFC by Oase) protects against dry run and blocking

Model Max Flow Rate Max Head Height Power Dimensions (HxWxD)
AquaMax Classic Eco 9000 C 8800 LPH 4.5m 25 – 90 Watts 280 x 230 x 140
AquaMax Classic Eco 12000 C 12000 LPH 4.7m 26 – 120 Watts 280 x 230 x 140
AquaMax Classic Eco 18000 C 17600 LPH 5.3m 33 – 175 Watts 280 x 230 x 140