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The Aquamax Eco Twin is a twin pump system that is very cheap to run, featuring two motors which are controlled by remote, making it one of the most versatile ponds pumps on the market.

Furthermore, top quality German engineering by Oase means this is a product you can rely on - but for your peace of mind, it also comes with a five-year guarantee.

Your main filter needs the water to be "sent" to it to be able to keep your water clean and healthy, and the Aquamax Eco Twin is superb for that purpose. The AquaMax Eco Twin has two motors for a higher water flow rate, meaning this pond pump packs a lot more power into a compact design.

The impellor takes the water and debris (up to 11mm) through its strainer case and pumps it to your filter efficiently and powerfully. The strainer itself means the pump requires very little maintenance and each of the powerful motors is individually adjustable by remote control. It offers reduced power consumption and effective control of flow rate.

As well as being an energy-efficiency filter and pump, it can also be used to pump water to a watercourse or waterfall. It has a maximum flow rate of 20,000 liters per hour (and 27,000 for the 30,000 models) - so this is really designed for the larger filter, for example, the Biotec ScreenMatic 36.

The Aquamax Eco Twin has an innovative "environmental function control" which means the pump switches off automatically in the event of the dry run - which prevents damage to the device. The pump's unique, patented frost protection means it will not be damaged in temperatures as low as -20C (guaranteed).

As well as connecting to a filter, you can also connect the Aquamax Eco Twin to a satellite filter or skimmer. By connecting it to a skimmer you can ensure that things along the surface of the water such as floating leaf debris are not excluded from the filter process.

Key Features:

  • Twin pump system, but with low running costs.
  • Controlled via remote, and electronically adjustable.
  • Can connect to filter and skimmer or two filters.
  • Underwater installation only.
  • Coarse debris displacement max. 11mm.


  • Controller with LED display: The motors can be switched on or off or dimmed via wireless remote control. Digital display of the power level.
  • Intelligent outlet: The patented outlet manifold guarantees optimal output even when only one pump is used.
  • Flexible regulation of the two motors: The different water intake functions can be switched and regulated individually. The following combinations can be used:
    1. Pond floor filtration and satellite filter.
    2. Pond floor filtration and skimmer.
Dimensions (L x W x H) Power Consumption Power Cable Length Guarantee Max. Flow Rate Max. Head Height Pressure Side Connection Suction Side Connection Hose Connection
20000 380 x 360 x 205mm 20 - 198w 10m 3 + 2 Years 20000 l/h 4.5m 50mm / 2" 50mm / 2" 25/32/38/50mm
30000 380 x 360 x 205mm 20 - 320w 10m 3 + 2 Years 27000 l/h 5.2m 50mm / 2" 50mm / 2" 25/32/38/50m