OASE Bitron Gravity 55W

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Built on the great success of the OASE Bitron range of pond UVCs comes the new Bitron Gravity 55w - capable of handling ponds with a green water problem up to around 60,000-70,000L.

For the uninitiated, UVC's tend to be installed inline with your pond filtration pipework and shine a powerful UV light through the water, forcing free-floating green algae particles to fuse together, killing them so they bio-media in your filter can eat them up and leaving your pond water extra-clear.

This Bitron Gravity UVC works just the same way, but is designed especially for use with the fantastic new range of Oase ProfiClear modular filters - a great new set of top-class filter units allowing a bespoke solution to your pond filtration.

Should you opt for the Gravity Fed Proficlear system, this Oase Bitron Gravity 55w slots right into the Premium Individual chamber, ready to take on the worst of your green water while keeping nicely out of site.

  • High-power Pond UVC for gravity-fed systems
  • Fits snuggly into the Individual Module in the ProfiClear Premium range
  • 100% VDE certified
  • Allows visual check of the UV bulb
  • 5m of cable length
  • The minimum flow rate of 5000lph
  • The maximum flowrate of 12500lph
  • Inlet & outlet DN100
  • Recommended pond size: no fish 70,000l, Community pond 40,000l & Koi pond 25,000l
  • Guarantee 2 Years

So that's amazing flow-rate, a Clear Water Systems guarantee and superb cleaning power all packed into a gravity-fed UVC that fits straight into a purpose-built individual module - great!