Oase Floating Lake Skimmer 250LM

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The Oase Skimmer 250 is a high performance, top quality floating skimmer that can handle large quantities of water with ease - it is ideal used with ponds of 250m². This substantial unit sits within the pond and uses an integrated pump with a maximum flow rate of 15,000 litres per hour.

A skimmer flap of 52cm in width draws in waste and pollutants, sending them to a removable stainless steel basket for easy removal and cleaning. The basket can hold up to 27 litres of waste, cutting down on maintenance and superb for ponds with high waste or debris levels.

The pump mechanism is well protected within the unit, and uses advanced technology without seals, so wear is less likely - prolonging the life of the unit. Water processed through the pump is returned efficiently for the very best results.

This high powered skimmer will ensure that your pond is always clear and clean thanks to the superb design and manufacturing prowess from Oase.

Key Features:
Ideal water level adjustment through float design.
Integrated pump.
Focused water return flow for efficient water circulation.
Extremely long service life due to canned motor technology without seals that are subject to wear.
27 litre stainless steel pollutant collection basket.
High-quality workmanship with stainless steel components.
Fastening material included in the scope of delivery.