Oase Inscenerio FM Master WLAN

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Oase have already built a strong reputation for technologically advanced pond keeping, but with their new FM Master WLAN garden control unit, they've really taken your pond and garden keeping into the 21st Century with a leap!

Building on the practical and commercial success of their FM Master garden control unit series, with various models built around the easy control of your pond pump, filter systems, fountains, waterfalls and garden watering equipment, this WLAN model is the latest evolution, giving you easier control than ever.

Rather than having to turn everything on an off at the mains to get things running when you need it, an Oase FM master allows you to connect all your garden equipment together and control it all from a single box. The FM Master can be connected to 10 pieces of compatible equipment at one time with 4 power outlets (3 On/Off, 1 dimmable).

Water resistance, safe and easy to use the FM Master WLAN can sit in your garden in a place of convenience out of the way for a more discreet look. AS it comes complete with a mounting ground spike and splash guard, installation couldn't be more easier.

WiFi in your garden?

With the FM Master WLAN, you don't even need to leave the house to operate everything in your garden! This model connects to your Wifi, allowing you to control your entire garden from the app on your smart-phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Bit too rainy but you need the pump to start cleaning your pond? Just tap the app!

Found a sunny spot and you don't want to get moving? Turn your fountain on from your phone.

Remembered the garden needs watering? Just use your phone to set it off remotely!