Oase Lunaqua Power LED XL 4000

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The LunAqua Power LED XL have fantastic thermal management, and high quality LED power, with over 50,000 light hours. They operate through 24V DC, so are completely safe, including underwater to a depth of 4m.

Each spotlight comes with 5m cable, and one ground stake. You will require the driver to install these:

LunAqua Power LED driver with connection for up to 4 spotlights: 2 x LunAqua Power LED XL, or 1 x LunAqua Power LED XL and 2 x LunAqua Power LED, or 4 x LunAqua Power LED

145 x 160 x 182mm
15w Power Consumption
A+ Energy Efficiency
3 year Guarantee
8 individual LEDs
1350lm Light Flux
4000K Colour Temp (neutral-white)
Narrow Spot - 10 degrees half peak angle
Spot - 15 degrees half peak angle
Flood Spot - 30 degrees half peak angle
Wide Flood Spot - 45 degrees half peak angle