Oase Proficlear-Guard Auto Top-up

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The ProfiClear Guard from Oase provides an electronically controlled, automatic water top-up system to maintain a stable water level in ponds, decorative fountains and water features. The system will automatically replenish water lost due to evaporation keeping the pond or water feature looking their best and functioning at the optimum level.

The Oase ProfiClear Guard comprises of 3 main components, the water level sensor, the weatherproof controller and the solenoid valve. The top-up process starts when the partially submerged conductive sensor detects a 25mm drop in the water level and informs the controller that a fluctuation has occurred. The controller responds by opening the solenoid valve which should be attached to your mains water. Once the sensor detects that the correct water level has been achieved the controller will turn the solenoid valve off completing the top up process.

The ProfiClear Guard is highly recommended for use with gravity fed filter systems, such as the Oase ProfiClear Drum Filter range. The Oase Drum Filters discharge a small amount of water during each automated cleaning cycle. The ProfiClear Guard automatically tops up the pond taking away the hassle of continuously refilling and also keeps the filter working at its optimum performance.

Trouble free water top up system
Includes weatherproof control unit, water level sensor and solenoid valve
Control unit incorporates power, sensor sensitivity and valve status LED indicators
12 volt conductive sensor allows flexible set-up with 20m cable
Mains operated, 230 volt solenoid valve, supplied with 2m cable
1/2" BSP female threaded solenoid valve connections
Solenoid valve closes automatically if there is a power outage
Ideal for use with Oase ProfiClear drum filter systems
2 year guarantee