OASE SwimSkim 50 CWS (inc pump)

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Product Description

The OASE SwimSkim 50 CWS is an independent floating pond surface skimmer. The SwimSkim will collect floating debris from pond surfaces up to 50m², drawing leaves and other floating organics into the central basket by circulating surface water through an integral, energy-efficient, 3,500 liter per hour pump.

The collection basket is removable and features a ring that allows this to be hooked if installed out of arms reach for ease of maintenance. There is a sponge filter located beneath the basket which will intercept smaller particles that pass through; this sponge also provides a surface area for biological cultures that improve water quality.

The skimmer outlet features a special Venturi oxygen injector which aerates water as it passes through, the combination of this unique function and the continual circulation from the pump can also help to prevent ice from covering the pond surface in the winter.

The SwimSkim 50 CWS is guaranteed for 2 years, with an additional 12 months extension guarantee free of charge with product registration. This product is classified under the renowned OASE Clear Water Systems range.