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Oase Vitronic is highly effective against suspended algae, bacteria and germs and can be combined with almost all off the shelf filters. The Vitronic devices 18 - 36 W can now be directly mounted on the filter housing of the BioSmart and BioTec models(40-60000). The Vitronic has quick release for easy bulb change and cleaning of the quartz glass. As with most clarifiers, the UV Bulb should be changed at regular intervals, ideally in spring before the season starts, to guarantee the full strength of the UVC light.

Oase Vitronic works by making the small particles of algae that cause green water clump together so that they can be removed by your filter. Available in 5 choices and each with 2 Years Guarantee.

Dimensions (LxWxH) Power Consumption Power Cable Length Guarantee UVC Inlet Connections Outlet Connections Max. Flow Rate Suitable for Ponds up to Max. Suitable for Ponds with Fish Stock Suitable for Ponds with Koi*
11w 330 x 120 x 100mm 14w 3m 2 Years 11w 19/25/32/38mm 19/25/32/38mm 1700 l/h 10.0m³ 5.0m³ 2.5m³
18w 529 x 186 x 130mm 18w 5m 2 Years 18w 25/32/38mm 25/32/38mm 3500 l/h 20.0m³ 10.0m³ 5.0m³
24w 529 x 186 x 130mm 24w 5m 2 Years 24w 25/32/38mm 25/32/38mm 4500 l/h 25.0m³ 12.5m³ 6.5m³
36w 529 x 186 x 130mm 36w 5m 2 Years 36w 25/32/38mm 25/32/38mm 6000 l/h 40.0m³ 20.0m³ 10.0m³
55w 660 x 155 x 130mm 55w 5m 2 Years 55w 25/32/38mm 25/32/38mm 8500 l/h 60.0m³ 30.0m³ 15.0m³

*Note: When planning a new pond with Koi Stock, Please ensure a minimum pond size of 5m³