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Recommended in the cold months, especially in early spring and autumn. when digestion and metabolism is slower. This food is extremely easy to digest, so that it keeps the flow in the intestines of your fish going. This significantly reduces the risk of congestion (constipation) and infections.
During these cold periods, the fish must build up an energy supply as they enter or leave the winter.
Other features: stimulates immunity / contains prebiotics and probiotics to improve the intestinal flora.

Protein 37.00%, Crude Fat 7.00%, Dietary fiber 2.30%, Ash 9.4%,Phosphorus 1.55%, Calcium 1.3%, Sodium 0.3. 

A – 12,000 IU(IE)kg, D3 - 2,405 IU(IE)kg, E - 240 mg/kg, C - 330 mg/kg Trace Elements: E1 mg/kg

wheat / fish meal /soya dehulled,extracted, toasted / wheat germ / wheat gluten / Lecithin / monocalcium phosphate / insect meal / krill meal / yeast products / inuline /algae (Schizochytrium limacinum)

Contains fishmeal and/or fish solubles, processed animal protein derived from poultry and/or farmed insects, shall not be fed to farmed animals except aquaculture animals, fur animals and porcine animals. This product contains preservatives.

Contains 9% wheat germ.