Reef Octopus Classic 150-S Protein Skimmer

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Reef Octopus Classic 150-S is an affordable, High Performance and Ultra Compact protein skimmer.

Reef Octopus Classic 150-S features a small footprint, the OCTO series Classic space saving skimmer (Classic-S) is an in-sump protein skimmer ideal for aquariums with limited sump space.
Classic-S further features high-quality cast acrylic body construction, easy disassembly for maintenance and is run by our very own Aqua trance pump. A feed pump is not required as water is drawn directly from the sump.

Available in 2 models – Classic 110-S and Classic 150-S features a straight body with a vented valve output.

Reef Octopus is equipped with the new Aquatrance pinwheel pump, it produces an ideal mix of water and air for optimum waste removal. A simple vented wedge valve output provides precision control and allows cleaned water to exit the skimmer below water level for quiet operation.

Octo Classic S-150 is supplied with the Aquatrance AQ-2000S Needle/Pin wheel Pump. Aquatrance skimmer pump can be used externally on a recirculating skimmer or is completely submersible as an in-sump.
Reef Octopus say - “We are the first protein skimmer manufacturer in the world that designs and produces our own skimmer pumps. Our skimmer pumps have been specifically engineered to enhance and increase the efficiency of our protein skimmers.”

At a glance:
2 years* – pump motors only
Ultra-compact, superior performance
Aqua trance pumps specifically made for protein skimmers
Easy maintenance
Output designed for bubble-free outflow
Quiet operation
High quality hand-made acrylic construction
Trusted by professionals and hobbyists

Wet/Dry – Wet
Pump Power - 8w
Cup Diameter - 120mm
Neck Diameter - 60mm
Footprint - 240mm by 185mm
Height - 530mm
Tank Volume - 800L

Skimmer Pump:
Model - AQ-2000s
Wet/Dry – Both
Air Intake - 720L/PH
Power - 17w
Maximum Flow Rate - 750 LPH
Connection Size (Outlet) - 25mm

2 year warranty on pump
1 year on rotor
1 year on skimmer body