Spindrifter Aerated Bottom Drain - 4" Pressure Water - 1" Pressure Air For Concrete/Fibreglass

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Our Spindrifter bottom drain is known worldwide for its quality and design. This Spindrifter bottom drain completely replaces the "Standard Bottom Drain."

The most noticeable feature of the Spindrifter bottom drain is the extra 1 inch Dia Pressure pipe connection in the sump of the drain. This allows the air supply hose to enter the sump independent of the water outlet pipe, thus eliminating the possibility of restriction to the water flow and somewhere else for blanket weed to attach.

The membrane and backing plate on the Spindrifter bottom drain fits into a recess in the specially manufactured dome (provided). The recess in the Spindrifter bottom drain prevents the membrane from becoming detached. The complete assembly is secured to the Spindrifter bottom drain by means of a stem, which also provides the air inlet. The hosetail fitted to the stem is a 12mm hosetail which allows you to fit securely 10mm ( 3/8" ) reinforced air hose

The specification of this Spindrifter Aerated Bottom Drain is as follows :

Water Outlet : 4" ( 114.3mm ) Pressure Socket - please do not confuse this with 110mm. We manufacture a different sized drain for this !!!

Air Inlet : 1" Pressure
Hosetail Connection size : 12mm

This Bottom Drain is for a Concrete / Fibreglass pond