Superdrum Combi Bio 200 For Koi Ponds

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The water flows through the drum sieve which removes any dirt greater than 60 microns (0.06 mm). The trapped dirt is then removed from the sieve completely automatically.
A water level sensor detects whether sufficient water is flowing through the drum. Should the drum sieve become too clogged, it is automatically rinsed. The sieve is cleaned with water from nozzles fed by the high pressure pump supplied and the dirt is transported to the sewers via a drainage channel. The water then flows through the biological section where a air stone has already been fitted to ensure proper aeration, all of which is contained within the same compact casing.

Input: 4x 110 mm
Output: 2x 110mm, 1x 32mm rinsing pump connector
Waste: 1 x 110mm
Material: PP
Bio chamber: 420 litres
Filter element mesh size: 60 microns
Spray nozzles: removable
Dimensions: 1940 x 836 x 973 mm
Max flow: 50m3/hour
Drum dimensions: 380 x 400 mm
Incl water level protection device