Aquaforte Ultra-Sieve 3 (with 3 x 110mm Inlets) Max Flow 6000gph

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The SuperSieve standard easily removes coarse dirt from water.
The screen’s operating principle is the same as that of the SuperSieve Pump.
The standard SuperSieve is also effective at removing dirt.
The SuperSieve is designed for ponds with a gravity arrangement. The water flows into the SuperSieve via a bottom drain.
The coarse dirt is first removed from the dirty water by the SuperSieve after which it is pumped further along, for example, to a biological filter.
The volume of water supplied is regulated by a float that is connected to a swing-flap.
As the water in the SuperSieve rises, the flap is pressed further shut by the float.
This reduces the amount of water entering the sieve. This creates a balance between the inflowing and pumped out water.

Some of the SuperSieve’s benefits:
Several models are available
No need to adjust the float
High internal overflow
Barely any fluctuations in water level below screen
Air pockets are minimised
High-quality, robust finish
Many intakes (min. 3x 110 mm) and outlets (min. 2x 63 mm)
Easy to install submersible UV