Vacuum head Adapter For use with high pressure-washers (Pre-Order)

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A great invention that turns every standard high pressure washer into a professional pond vacuum cleaner! Function: the cleaner creates a strong back pressure by means of a special nozzle.

This back pressure will take out sludge and other sediments on the bottom but does not take out substrates, lava, gravel, plants, etc.! The cleaner has a brush to scrub off algae.
Standard "pool click" system for telescope handles.

Hose connection is 40mm. A great advantage, when compared to vacuum cleaners with a build in pump, is that this cleaner can be held above the water level again and again without losing the suction power (see photo). Because of the high pressure it is recommended to use a strong quality suction/pressure hose on the waste side, like the listed hoses in the table.

Pressure hose connection is 
the standard M22 (male threaded).